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What We Do

Telecommunication Products and Services

Overview of Solutions Provided by Delphius CIT

Concealed Antenna Solutions

  • Monopole Antenna Assembly
  • Roof Top
  • Street Light
  • Chimney
  • Flag Pole
  • Billboard
  • Vandal Resistant Cabinets
  • Camouflage trees
  • RRU and MRFU Solutions

Rapid Deployment Units

  • Rapid Deployment Street Pole
  • Rapid Deployment Mobile Site (COW)
  • Rapid Deployment Truck (COW)
  • Integrated Tri-Band Sector Solution
  • Antenna, Repeater, Filter, Cable and Connector Supplier

Telecommunication Products & Services

The supply of wireless telecommunication equipment and services. We offer a full range of solutions through the distribution of complementary products and services of our international and local partners. Delphius also specializes in the design and installation of optimal passive distributed antenna systems and the development and production of niche market components.

GSM Planning:

Delphius performs outdoor network planning for GSM networks in Southern Africa and Africa. Tools used include PlanIt and SireNet

Installation of Base Stations:

Delphius installs base stations (macro and micro base transmit stations (BTS) including the complete container with electrical wiring; battery backup; management systems, etc. according to the client’s specifications and perform the quality assurance/certificate of compliance (COC).

GSM Test and Measurement:

As part of Delphius installation work we perform fault finding and repair in electrical and RF feeder circuits, using equipment such as network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc. Delphius also uses GSM test receivers and transmitters to do coverage measurements.

Design and Installation of In-Building Wireless Networks:

Delphius is a supplier of turnkey indoor network projects. Turnkey solutions include

  • Distributed antenna network design (3G);
  • Identify and negotiate equipment placement;
  • Required capacity calculations;
  • Link budget and noise figures;
  • Component and part lists;
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Installation;
  • Commissioning & Testing.

We are also able to design indoor networks for buildings that are still in the construction phase. It is normally difficult to perform the planning for such a building due to the fact that it is not possible to perform propagation measurements in the building. Delphius has developed an in-house software tool, PicoPlan, which enables us to model the propagation of RF waves in the building given the floor plan of the building. This enables us to identify antenna types, antenna positions and EIRP required to cover the building. PicoPlan is based on a model developed by Keenan and Motley. The improved model includes radiation patterns of antennas, and an increasing amount of different clutter that can be modelled. The software requires drawings of the building and the positions of risers and cable trays.

We have developed another in-house software tool, PowerPlan, which calculates the optimal RF network, i.e. the least components required to cover a specific building, given the antenna positions and EIRP. Our designs cater for:

  • Optimal capacity planning (minimum transmitters cater for maximum traffic);
  • Optimal frequency re-use;
  • Minimum number of RF components;
  • Upgrade ability;
  • Optimal coverage and containment;
  • Trade off analysis between using active and passive networks;
  • Single, dual and UMTS band (900, 1800 and UMTS) designs.


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