Mobile Trailers

Delphius Mobile trailers utilize unique initiatives,combining the best to produce several options for coverage with mobility.

Complete with road worthy certification and scalable options,the mobile trailer offers a feasible solution for fast, temporary and easy installation.

Delphius Mobile trailers

Mobile Trailers Features:

  • Vandal Resistant Cabinet
  • Pre-installation
  • Mast Weight Top Load: Mobility for coverage or capacity
    No special vehicle requirements
  • Trailer Transport Weight: Pneumatic: 100kg
    Lattice Mast: 250kg
    Pneumatic: 1300kg
  • Trailer Dimensions: Lattice 15m: 1450kg
    Lattice 30m: 1750kg
    Pneumatic: 3.6m x 1.56m
    Expanded: 9.2m x 9.2m
    Lattice: 4.8m x 1.56m
    Expanded: 9.2m x 9.2m
  • Also available is the trailer without wheel base.
    The complete site will be transported on a trailer. On stabilizing the site, the trailer can be removed.

Rapid Deployment Truck

Delphius Rapid Deployment Truck

With the rapid deploy trailer in mind, we have raised the requirements for a bigger solution.

The rapid deployment truck was designed for those areas where trailers can't go.

This 4x4 truck features a 30m lattice mast, 11kVa genset and a 4 door vandal resistant cabinet.