Camouflage Roof Top Antenna Solution

Camouflage Roof Top Antenna Solution

 The chimney antenna camouflage option allows a 3 sector antenna assembly to be used for rooftop or wall mounting.

Ideal for specialized camouflage and hidden from public eye, this antenna assembly provides an appealing feature.

This option can also be bundled with a rooftop - or wall mount installation.

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Delphius Wall or floor mount chimney configuration for antenna system, 3 Sectors, with electrical tilt and panning, adds to esthetical value of the installation.

2 Standard sizes to equip antenna system 8720 or 7721 for smaller installations and 7780 or 7750 for bigger antenna system.



  • Chimney camouflage aesthetics
  • Compact Space Saving Installation
  • Pre-installation in warehouse
  • Ease Public approval
  • Roof top mount requires no drilling

Electrical Specifications

  • Frequency Range 824 – 2170MHz

Mechanical Specifications

  • RF connector 7/16 DIN Female
  • Mounting Roof top or wall
  • Colour Mat Black; other standard colours can be specified at order placement
  • Weight
    -Small: 70kg; include antennas
    -Large: 110kg, include antennas
  • Housing Metal pole, fiberglass radome
  • Dimensions
    -Small: (Height x Diameter x D) 1394mm x 334mm
    -Large: (Height x Diameter x D) xxmm x xxmm
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