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Environment Management Policy

  1. Since the company’s core business products have a low environmental impact and most of our main international suppliers are ISO14001 compliant, Delphius Commercial and Industrial Technologies (Pty) Ltd has not registered for ISO14001 certification. Delphius carries out its activities in a manner that recognises its responsibilities to the environment and is committed to pursuing the best environmental practice wherever possible and practicable.
  2. The company complies with all legal requirements and actively limits any negative impacts on the environment through the following the Integrated Management System (IMS) whereby we commit to:
  • Integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and decision making.
  • Continuously monitor and improve environmental performance by use of Management Review Systems and Procedures, at least bi-annually.
  • Set objectives to promote an effective and developing environmental program.
  • Conserve resources by the efficient consumption of water and energy.
  • Identify, evaluate and manage environmental risks associated with our activities to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of adverse effects on the environment.
  • Encourage all suppliers and subcontractors to develop an environmental policy in line with our own. Identification of suppliers with the environmental management plans and accreditation.
  • Train all employees in environmental matters appropriate to their role in the company.
  • Co-operate and communicate openly with public, relevant neighbours, government, regulatory authorities and other interested parties towards the shared goal of improving the environment.
  • Comply with the applicable environmental regulations and legislation.
  • Strive to reduce pollution and waste by implementing appropriate recovery, re-usable and recycling of used materials. Designate areas for paper/cardboard, plastic, wood/packing waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals have been identified and are currently in use. All these materials are recycled.
  • Continually improve processes, products and facilities to reduce, reuse and recycle hazardous and non- hazardous materials.
  • Prevent pollution by optimising processes and designing environmentally sensitive products

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