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Empowerment Overview


Delphius CIT has had BEE accreditation since 2008 and has made a commitment to proactively play a part in improving the participation of previously disadvantaged groups within our technological field.

Management structure in terms of equity employment

Delphius started as a small company with mainly highly qualified engineering staff. As we have grown we have actively pursued young black candidates to fill the requirements within the levels of “Skilled technical and academically qualified workers, junior management, supervisors, foreman, and superintendents”. Our current policy remains to target young black professionals and we are specifically currently targeting black females.

Training and development

We actively encourage studies and general training. In 2011/2012 we have had an almost 100% rate of employees having attended various training programs. We have various students who are studying part time and we offer additional study leave to these learners. Delphius is committed to training and skills development within our industry and as such have identified a shortage of the required skills throughout the industry. To assist the industry as a whole we currently offer RF training and consulting services to cellular operators and contractors that perform RF installation and maintenance services. We offer these services across the board in order to be part of the global upliftment of skills within our industry. To ensure this we have designed the course to be product independent and the facilitator is also able to adapt the courses to the various company requirements.

Social responsibility initiatives

The shortages of skilled labour in our environment is one of the main reasons why we are committed to promoting and supporting projects that develop the long term sustainable skills needed to address this particular shortage that the government has pertinently identified. Since 2006 Delphius has been an active participant and investor in the Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP), which is a partnership programme managed by the National Research Foundation (NRF) on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti).

  • Firms and THRIP invest jointly in research projects where project leaders are on the academic staff of South African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
  • One of the main reasons for Delphius’ support of this project is our commitment to increase the number and quality of people with appropriate skills in the development and management of technology for industry, which is one of the objective of the THRIP project.

We currently also actively partner with the universities on projects and also offer holiday employment for candidates referred to us by these universities so that we can ensure that these candidates receive training and exposure in their field of study.

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