The Technology and Human Resources Programme (THRIP) is a flagship research and development programme of the dti and the NRF. The NRF contributes research management and opportunities to leverage national and international research initiatives, so that the technology and industry development aims of the dti are taken forward effectively. This government - private sector partnership programme was established to respond to the shortage of high-level technical skills for industry and the need to improve the competitive edge of South Africa’s industry through the development of advanced technologies.

    Delphius is an active part of THRIP.

  • Manufacturers

    Delphius is the sole distribitor of Powerwave antenna products in South Africa

  • Research

    To tackle the problem of salmonella, avian flu in eggs the research consortium pooled the skills of the CSIR, the University of Pretoria, Delphius Technologies and Eggbert Eggs, the country's second largest egg producer. Financial support came from South Africa's Innovation Fund.