GSM and UMTS Planning, Design and Installation Design and installation of turnkey indoor distributed antenna systems,

network planning and BTS/ Micro cell planning and RF installations
Commercial and Defence Antenna Development Niche market antenna development and measurements to customers' requirements and specifications
Radio Frequency Engineering Antenna placement studies, microwave receiver and exciter designs
Numerical Modelling Numerical codes are used in the design of waveguide components, including: Rotary joints; hybrids; orthomode transducers; couplers; and switch able feed assemblies for antennas
Monitoring and Control Systems Automated test and measurement software, instrument and process control, monitor and control systems
Satellite Communication Installation of earth base stations and monitor and control systems for earth base stations
High Power Generators At the moment, Delphius is only one of a few companies in South Africa that can commission and service these types of equipment, both the magnetrons and high voltage power supplies.
Custom Power Supply Design Design and manufacture of power supplies for the unique environment of high power RF systems

Installation and commissioning of Rectifier system.
Food, Energy and Chemical Applications Applicator development, microwave generators and components. Permittivity and dielectric constant measurements