Microwave Systems

Delphius specialises in the design of customer specific microwave systems for commercial and industrial use. Examples of systems recently built include a 100kW sintering furnace, wood block heater, microwave ribbon blender, and an egg pasteurizer.

We also design and build prototype applicators to determine the requirements for larger systems. An example of this is our new microwave conveyor system.

  • Recycling of Perspex +

    Delphius developed a 75kW microwave process for the recycling of Perspex. It has been in continuous use for the past 5 years.

    It is the only feasible alternative to the conventional process, employing molten lead.

    The benefits are:

    • A "clean technology", with no lead bearing waste;
    • High product yield and purity;
    • Patented internationally.
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  • Treatment of Starch +

    This microwave oven is used to dry and treat starches using 6kW of microwave power. The applicator employs a fluidised bed of hot process air to provide mixing of the product and to move it through the vessel.

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  • Ribbon Blender +

    This system is used to pre-cook maize. Samp is loaded into the system at the top. It is then cooked and extracted through a valve at the bottom of the system. The maize is stirred continuously by a ribbon blender to ensure even cooking.

    The system uses two variable power 3kW magnetrons to heat the material. These magnetrons operate at 2.45GHz and are water cooled.

    A 19" sub rack trolley houses the power supplies for the magnetrons and the switch gear for the motor.

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  • Microwave Pasteuriser +

    Delphius produces microwave equipment for the pasteurisation of shell eggs. The process was developed in partnership with the CSIR, University of Pretoria and Safe Eggs (Pty) Ltd and is patented internationally. Pasteurised eggs are currently available in South Africa and international sales of the machines started in 2009.

    Current oven specifications:

    • Capacity 8000 eggs / hour
    • Footprint 15 x 10m
    • Microwave power 30kW, 915MHz

    Oven features include:

    • Roller conveyor system.
    • Microwave and hot air oven to heat the eggs to pasteurisation temperature and maintain the temperature to achieve pasteurization.
    • Online temperature measurement and data logging for quality assurance.
    • Optional chiller to cool eggs down to ambient temperature after pasteurisation.

    Advantages of this microwave process:

    • Dry process - No water or steam used that may cause cross-contamination.
    • Quick - Microwaves can rapidly heat eggs to pasteurisation temperatures, preventing thermal damage from prolonged exposure to heat.
    • Efficient - Low running cost.
    • Organoleptic properties of the eggs are not affected.

    Please visit the Safe Eggs website for more information on this system. www.safeeggs.co.za

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  • Microwave Sintering Ovens +

    Delphius designs and manufactures microwave sintering ovens, suitable for microwave power levels from 1kW to 100kW.

    Please scroll through the images to see examples of previous ovens we have designed and manufactured.

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  • Laboratory Conveyor Oven +

    This oven is used to do continuous drying tests on a variety of materials.

    A variable speed conveyor system is used to control the residence time of the product in the tunnel.

    Heating of the material on the conveyor is accomplished using commercial microwave oven magnetrons. The microwave power can also be controlled by a temperature controller to regulate the temperature of the material.

    This system is very helpful in determining system parameters required when scaling up to bigger systems and to do energy calculations.

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