Test & Measurement

Delphius has measurement equipment to perform tests on a variety of material samples. These tests help evaluate the design considerations for custom applicators specific to the material in question.

Delphius also designs meters to measure VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), power and leakage levels at frequencies of 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 915MHz and 2.45GHz. These meters can be customised to meet the customer requirements and intended operating environments.

Dielectric Constant Measurements

The decision on whether to use microwaves or RF for a specific process is largely determined by the product's dielectric properties (permittivity).

We have facilities to measure the dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor or resistivity of materials at all the allocated RF and microwave heating frequencies. Since the dielectric properties of materials vary over temperature, our high temperature facility can measure dielectric properties up to 1400°C.

Delphius has facilities to test product samples for compatibility with microwave or RF heating. We do heating trials for clients wishing to investigate the use of microwave or radio frequency ovens for new or replacement processes. Experimental parameters may be varied to find suitable processing conditions.

Based on these measurements and other considerations, e.g. material shape and volume, we can recommend the best solution, be it MW, RF or a combination with hot air, etc.

Measurement Systems

We have an extensive range of equipment for measuring, testing and trouble shooting of industrial microwave and RF equipment. We also provide devices for microwave and RF power and frequency spectrum measurements, testing for radiation leakage, and impedance matching of applicators to ensure low reflected power.

Features include:

  • Frequencies of 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 915MHz or 2.45GHz;
  • Measure forward and reflected power either in dBm or Watts;
  • Measure magnitude and phase of systems (VSWR);
  • Output parameters on 4-20mA current loops.

Safety Equipment

Microwave and RF leakages can be hazardous to the operator and staff using the equipment. We supply and develop safety and leakage equipment to detect dangerous levels of microwave and RF emmissions.

These equipment can be split up as

  • Hand held leakage detectors
    - walk around, testing for leaks.
  • Fixed mount leakage detectors
    - permanently installed;
    - digital output will switch off generator in case of excessive MW or RF leakage;
    - 4-20mA outputs for monitoring by the plant PLC;
    - will prevent operation of the equipment if e.g. the access ports are open.