Support & Maintenance

Delphius can provide support in the form of system design, integration, maintenance, repairs & upgrades and technical support. Our engineers are some of the most experienced in the fields of microwave and RF heating and can help with custom solutions to meet customer specific requirements.

Support of existing equipment

  • Supplier of magnetrons, power supplies and power supply components, waveguide components and microwave leakage detectors for industrial microwave ovens;
  • Maintenance and fault finding on ovens;
  • Upgrades and modifications to existing ovens;

New process development

  • Feasibility testing using our lab facilities.
  • Specialise in scale-up: We develop microwave and RF based heating processes from concept, lab scale work to full-scale plants.
  • Track record includes
    • Building the two largest microwave ovens in SA;
    • Clients in food, chemical, manufacturing, timber, mining industries, such as Anglo American, DeBeers, Kumba Resources, CSIR;
    • Successful applications include microwave drying, pasteurisation, curing & bonding, mineral processing;
    • Developed patented microwave processing techniques for various applications.

Test & Measurement

We have an extensive range of equipment for testing and trouble shooting of industrial microwave and RF equipment. We also provide microwave power and frequency spectrum measurements, testing for radiation leakage and impedance matching of applicators to ensure low reflected power.

Our test and measurement equipment includes spectrum analysers and network analysers, high voltage test equipment for testing and setting up high voltage power supplies.

We have equipment to measure the output frequency spectrum of microwave and RF generators, impedance measurement and impedance matching of ovens.

Consulting Services

Delphius provides consulting services for industrial microwave and radio frequency heating, including

  • RF and high voltage test & measurement on equipment;
  • Maintenance and fault finding of ovens;
  • Upgrades and modifications to equipment;
  • RF radiation testing and supply of monitoring equipment.

Numerical Modelling

We can model the electromagnetic fields and currents for various microwave field problems, including microwave ovens, RF ovens, waveguide components, antennas and other radiating problems.