RF Components

Delphius designs and develops RF components at 13.56MHz and 27.12MHz. These include solid-state RF generators, attenuators, and automatic matching networks.

We can also supply RF products from Richardson Electronics which include high power vacuum tubes, vacuum capacitors and many more.

RF Generator Products

RF power levels of 1kW and 2kW are currently available. These generators can be supplied in 19" sub racks 4U high, or in a standalone enclosure approximately 300mmx200mmx150mm. The generators are either air cooled or water cooled, depending on the requirements. RF generators operating at 27.12MHz are currently in development stage.

Features include:

  • Variable output power;
  • Front panel and remote control;
  • Displays forward and reflected power;
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled;

RF Attenuators:

RF attenuators are available at attenuation levels in increments of 1dB. These attenuators can be used to protect an RF generator where high reflected power is always present. Features include:

  • Selectable attenuation in 1dB increments;
  • Water cooled;

High Power RF Components

Delphius supplies high power RF components from Richardson Electronics Delphius supplies high power RF components from Richardson Electronics. Components include vacuum tubes and vacuum capacitors. Visit their webpage to view more products Delphius can supply.

Automatic Matching Networks

These automatic matching networks are custom designed to meet the material characteristics specific to each application. A coupler measures the ratio between forward and reflected power and tunes the network in order to ensure maximum power is delivered to the material.

Matching networks are available in either Pi, T or L topologies depending on the application.

Features include:

  • Automatically matches loads to a 50ohm system;
  • 1kW, 5kW, 50kW and 300kW models;
  • Can be controlled remotely;
  • Outputs positions of the capacitors;
  • Other features can be included depending on the system requirements;